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Guest, saving for a short or long term goal? We’ve got savings solutions of great interest to you. So whether you want to build up emergency funds, pay for a vacation, or set aside money for a minor child, we can help.


Preferred Savings

Pay yourself first with this smart account that earns interest every day.

  • A competitive rate of interest
  • Up to 2 free withdrawals per month ($2 each thereafter)
  • Only $50 to open account
  • $50 minimum balance to avoid $3 monthly service charge

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First Savings

Start your children or grandchildren on the path to wise money handling with this account designed for minors under age 21.

  • No minimum balance required
  • Competitive interest rate on all balances
  • Free withdrawals
  • Low minimum deposit to open - only $5
  • No monthly fee


Christmas Club (Holiday Savings)

Be well prepared for holiday shopping by putting aside money throughout the year.

  • Competitive interest rate is calculated at maturity (annually in November). Early withdrawal forfeits interest
  • Receive funds by check or via transfer to another account
  • Low minimum deposit to open - only $5

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New Generation Money Market

High Rate | Easy Access

  • Checking Account with Direct Deposit and E-Statement required¹
  • Unlimited free in-person withdrawals
  • Up to 6 free preauthorized, automatic debits per month or monthly cycle²
  • $5,000 Minimum Opening Deposit
¹In order to qualify for the New Generation Money Market Rate, you must have a linked checking account with qualifying direct deposit and be enrolled in E-Statements. (A qualifying direct deposit is a recurring electronic deposit made by an employer or an outside agency. Transfers made from one account to another or deposits made via a branch, ATM, online transfer, mobile device or the mail are not eligible to meet this requirement.) If there are changes to your linked checking account (it is closed, changed to a new account type or no longer linked to your New Generation Money Market account), you may no longer qualify for a New Generation Rate, or the rates may otherwise change to those in effect at the time of the change. See account agreement for more information.
 ²Money market are subject to statement cycle transaction limits. See account agreement for more information. 

New Money Only.


Ultimate Personal Money Market Savings

Get rewarded for your savings with higher interest rates that increase with your balance.

  • Competitive tiered interest rates
  • Unlimited free in-person withdrawals
  • Up to 6 free preauthorized, automatic debits per month or monthly cycle*
  • Low $1,000 minimum balance to open account and avoid $5 monthly service charge


Health Savings Account (HSA)

Help defray the soaring costs of medical expenses with this smart account that lets you put aside pre-tax dollars.

  • Used for medical, health care, and preventative care costs, even eye care and dental expenses
  • Qualify with $1,400 personal or $2,800 family health plan deductible
  • $50 minimum balance to open
  • Pre-tax funding makes medical costs more affordable
  • Covers deductibles, out-of-pocket costs, and non-covered medical expenses

LEGAL *FDIC regulations do not permit more than SIX payments per month (monthly statement cycle) to a third party via preauthorized, automatic telephone debits or paper checks. As a courtesy, the bank may in isolated cases, and at its own discretion, pay more than six items per monthly or monthly statement cycles, but is required to close the account if such activity continues.


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